I have over 18 years of experience providing Inuktitut translations in the

About Me

About Me


Hello, I'm Julia

I provide Inuktitut translation

in South Baffin dialect. I have over 18 years of experience translating all kinds of documents, including annual reports, agendas, business documents, legal documents and financial statements, in Word, PowerPoint and Excel. I take pride in finding the most appropriate words and phrasing to articulate my clients’ work in Inuktitut.

All my work is confidential and delivered in a timely and professional manner.

Need an Inuktitut translator?

My Services

I use the following guidelines in preparing a quote:

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Standard Documents

– For regular minimum translations not requiring special technical knowledge.

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Technical Documents

– For translations requiring specialized legal, medical, scientific or other technical knowledge or specialized jargon: the price may vary significantly if there is a lot of special language.

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Rush Standard Documents

– For urgent inuktitut translations that need to be done on short timelines, on weekends or during holidays.

You must request a quote for each document before I can commit to service,
including rush documents, since I need to first review the length and complexity of the work. I will keep confidential all documents sent to me, but I need to review them to provide you with an accurate quote for price and possible delivery time. I begin work only after you have accepted the quote.

Translation Policy

The prices above are intended as information, and are not an offer of services. The cost will vary depending on the document, and is determined by your accepting my quote.

When prices are quoted per page, it is on the assumption of 1" margins and 12 point fonts unless otherwise specified.

Unless otherwise agreed, all work is delivered in ICI Standardized syllabics (the format for writing Inuktitut developed by the Inuit Cultural Institute, and required for Government of Nunavut documents). There is a significant surcharge for Roman orthography, as it requires considerable editing and proofreading.

All documents are delivered in electronic format by e-mail. Printed copies can be delivered by courier at additional cost.

Goods and services tax of 5% is charged on all accounts.

I issue my invoice with the work product and expect prompt payment.